January Sunset

January Sunset Over Louisville
January Sunset Over Louisville

Click on image to open in new window where it can be enlarged to fit screen.

More to come in the morning about how I processed this image that I shot this afternoon.

8 thoughts on “January Sunset

    1. Thank you Ellen I too enjoy the composition. Louisville has such a small skyline but from this vantage point it seems to be more substantial. I love the sweep of the ramp and how it moves into the scene too.

  1. I like this a lot, Nick! It’s not “busy” in the negative way that word is sometimes used to describe photos in which the photographer didn’t know what to leave out, but it’s “in motion”–the composition takes you all over the image, not in a wandering kind of way but along those roads, bridges, and paths. Amazing!

    1. Thank you Nancy. The more I shoot here the more I find to shoot. The ramp sweeping in from the left is such a marvelous piece of engineering and design I find myself mesmerized by it’s presence.

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