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2015 End of Year Gallery

This 2015 end of year gallery is made up of photos from the Ohio River Bridges project that were taken in late fall 2015 just prior to the completion of the new bridge. They encompass many facets of the final construction as well as showing many of the men and women who worked extremely long days and nights in order to meet the deadline.

Click on any image to open a slide show of the gallery.

Walsh Construction has placed the first sections of bridge deck panels for the Downtown Span of the Ohio River Bridges Project in Louisville, Kentucky.

The First Structural Steel Girders For The Downtown Span are Installed

This post and the accompanying photos show how much progress has been made on the Downtown Span of the Ohio River Bridges Project in Louisville Kentucky.

HDR Photo of a Man Strolling Across the Clark Memorial Bridge in Louisville KY

Tight shot of a man Strolling along the Clark Memorial Bridge in Louisville Kentucky
Strolling along the Clark Memorial Bridge in Louisville Kentucky

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This HDR image was captured from below the Clark Memorial Bridge in Louisville last fall. I liked the way the bridge beams intersected in the frame and the texture of the rust on them. The man walking on the bridge gave some scale to the photo and added an organic element to an otherwise mechanical scene.

I shot three frames in a bracket of -2, 0 and +2 EV exposures. I merged them using NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 and applied 60% anti-ghosting to eliminate the ghosting that his movement imparted. After merging the files I returned the image to Aperture 3 for final adjustments. Had I not used HDR techniques the shadows would have been blocked up or the highlights would have been blown out with a single exposure. After trying many of the popular HDR software apps on the market today I have found the anti-ghosting setting in NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 is the best I have used. This is especially important to me since I like to include people in my images and that I shoot handheld most of the time.

Parklands on Ice

Ice coated trees along Floyd's Fork
Icy Day on Floyd’s Fork in Parklands
Ice and snow in the wetland of Parklands
Wetlands in Winter
Ice covered solitary tree
Icy Giant
Winter scene in Parklands
Ice Study #2
Snow covered landscape with ice on the trees and ice in the small stream in the foreground.
Ice Study #3
Snow and ice in Parklands
Ice Study #1

25% Off Select Three Legged Thing Compact System Tripods and AirHeds

With Christmas looming Three Legged Thing started to receive hundreds of emails about potential stocking fillers. So, after a little discussion there in the Chicken Shed, they’ve decided to slash the prices of their Compact System Tripods, Keith and Tim, and two of their AirHeds – the AH0 and AH2. WHILE STOCKS LAST!

What is a Travel Tripod?

A travel tripod is designed to be portable, lightweight, compact and as strong as it possibly can be, taking into consideration the constraints of the nature of their design. Three Legged Thing travel tripod systems all have counterfolding legs, that fold back on themselves through a 180 degree arc, to minimize the folded length. They have been measured against airline regulations for hand luggage, and conform to the dimensions of these to enable them for air travel.


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It’s Not the Destination, It’s the Journey…

Navajo Highway

Well folks it’s been one whole year since I began this blog. When I started SpeedDemon2 I had a vague notion of where it would lead but just like riding my motorcycle the whole thing was not about the destination; the whole purpose was the journey. When I started the blog I wanted to share my images with a wider audience and connect to other like minded folks. I didn’t know how it would happen but I knew that if I gave it a shot it would all work out.

The past twelve months have been rewarding in so many ways. I discovered other artists and photographers who shared with me their thoughts and criticism,  challenged myself to become a better writer, have taken my photography to an entirely new level, gained access to photo opportunities, the list goes on.

When I start out on a motorcycle ride whether it is a month of travel across the country to a specific place, or a short ride into the city, there are so many possible routes to take that will lead to new discoveries yet still get you to the destination. Along the way I discover new vistas, see features and things that I’ve never seen before, make new friends and all the while I feel connected to the life force that surrounds me. Blogging has done that for me as well, exposing me to others who care about many of the same things I do and broadening my experience as an artist.

I have no idea where the next twelve months will take me but I am sure the journey will be filled with discovery. There will be new influences on my photography, new tools that spark new ideas, new destinations to explore, new projects to immerse myself in and most important of all there will be the journey. I hope you, my readers, will stick around and join me on this journey; I don’t know the destination yet but I am confident it will be worth the effort.

Where the Hell is Murph ?…: ROVANIEMI…..Places and People.

Where the Hell is Murph ?…: ROVANIEMI…..Places and People..

My friend Murph just posted an excellent article on his blog that I felt I should share with my readers. He is on an around the world trip on his BMW motorcycle side car rig. Murph has already been to the north pole in winter among many other feats of endurance.

His photography is both artistic and documentary and well worth exploring. I hope you enjoy the article as much as I did. If you want to help him make sure to read the last part where you can order postcards and stickers to help him with the costs of this magnificent adventure.