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Twin Engine Dragster Burnout
Twin Engine Dragster Burnout

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I came across a site today that says it can get photographers some additional work. The name is ImageBrief and they list briefs from designers and other customers where they describe what sort of images they need along with a compensation amount. They take a 30% commission and the photographer receives 70%.

I submitted two images to a call for automobiles doing burnouts. I don’t know what will come of it but I thought about something Mike Moats said the other night in his talk at Outdoor Photo Gear about finding many small income streams to add to his annual earnings from his photography. I decided that submitting a couple of images that were sitting in my library made sense and might even be worth the effort.

Smokin' Burnout
Smokin’ Burnout

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Here’s a link to my work on ImageBrief:

10 thoughts on “ImageBrief Submission

  1. Keep me posted on how it comes with them please. I agree with what you said about having to have many streams of income. With that in mind, I I submitted an application to Image Brief back in November. The next day, I got an email from them that said:

    I have taken a look at your account and it seems as though our photo
    editors did not feel your portoflio of images matched what our buyers
    were looking for.

    I responded and told them that with a half million shots, I must have something they would, but never got an answer to that. Blessings

  2. Enjoyed looking through the site! As always your photography is SPECTACULAR!! The stunning compositions and gorgeous colors leap off my screen! Congrats & MUCH SCUUESS with this!

  3. Thanks for the tip Nick! Your kindness in sharing your varied knowledge is heartwarming.
    Love the burnout shots…brought back memories of the long ago closed National Speedway on Long Island, New York. “nitro burning funny cars.”

    1. Thanks Phyllis for your comment. I truly believe that sharing with others is the best way to live a life.

      Glad to hear you like the burnout shots. I raced in the late 60s which is why I try to attend the Hot Rod Reunions; that’s where I can see the front engine dragsters, gassers and altereds from the early drag racing day.

  4. Hi Nick. Quick update for you on that brief. The good news… the buyers have shortlisted and will be going ahead with one. The not-so-good news… they didn’t shortlist your images. But some other great photographer will get awarded. Maybe next time for you.

    Glad to see Sander in here and that he is happy with us and the service.

    Cheers, Meg

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