Great Basin Survivor


These images were taken a couple of years ago when I travelled across the “Loneliest Highway in America” US 50 through Nevada and Arizona. I have been photographing abandoned vehicles for many years and when I came upon this 1950’s Chevy truck I had to stop and capture it.

This is part of the Great Basin area of the United States; the climate in this region is extremely arid and that makes it possible for these old vehicles to last for decades. If you look through the passenger windshield in one of the shots you can see my Harley-Davidson that I was riding on this photo trip. Using the bike puts me in a more intimate relationship to the environment and allows me the freedom to explore the world off the beaten path.

I processed these images in Aperture 3 and Topaz Adjust to create the faux HDR look. By using the “Spicify” setting and then by tweaking the adjustments I was able to bring out the textures of the rusted metal and weathered wood while enhancing the colors in the scene. I really like the way Topaz Adjust allowed me to open up the shadows and bring out the detail in them.

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  1. I’m also a biker and photographer who has enjoyed many years of traveling, photographing and videographing my travels and things I’ve seen and found. Congrats on your efforts and thanks for sharing.

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