Gallery of Images from the Tower Crane Erection on Pier Five

This Gallery of Images from the Tower Crane Erection on Pier Five was taken over a one week period. Though I have a fear of heights I was eager to join the crew as they erected the crane; it was worth every minute I was up there. I followed the process from the day the components started arriving , were loaded onto barges and ultimately assembled on Pier Five.

Thanks go to David Graff, Jack Klongz, Joe Combs and Jesse Jones, members of Ironworkers Local 70, for giving me this first hand view of their actions while erecting the crane. I also want to thank Joe Rodriguez and Mark Francis, Operating Engineers Local 150, for including me and explaining the process to me. The entire crew really made me feel welcome and I will never forget the experience.

There are a lot of images in this gallery but if you click on any one of them a lightbox will open that will allow you to see the entire Gallery as a slide show.

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11 thoughts on “Gallery of Images from the Tower Crane Erection on Pier Five

    1. Thank you Ellen. I struggled with how to present such a monumental task in a way that captured the process as well as the men performing the work. Ultimately I opted to create this gallery and let the images tell the story.

    1. Thanks for your comment Lois. I’m very pleased with the way the colors turned out. I have started using Scott Kelby’s recommended workflow for Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop CS5. I don’t know why I waited so long to start using ACR… 😉

  1. Love the gallery of shots and the pop up tags that name each photo! All the angles of the ironwork make each photograph crisp and interesting. And as always I LOVE the way you take the time to know the guys and include their names….that is what sets you apart to me. Awesome work Nick…..really well done. It must have been a breathtaking day:} Bravo to you!

    1. Thanks Karen, You are right when you say it was breathtaking. I spent all week with these guys and the last day was a spectacular day weather wise. We had a great time getting to know each other and I got my Ironworkers sticker for my hardhat too. 🙂

    1. Thank you Calvin that is a very nice thing to say and really makes me feel that I am on the right track with this series of images.

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