The First Structural Steel Girders For The Downtown Span are Installed

On October 20, 2014 another major milestone in the Ohio River Bridges Project was attained. The first structural steel girders were installed at Tower Five by Walsh Construction and a Structural Steel Gang of Ironworkers from Ironworkers Local 70 in Louisville Kentucky.

Morning fog blankets the Ohio River Bridges Project in Louisville, Kentucky.
Morning fog blankets the Ohio River Bridges Project in Louisville, Kentucky.

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The photos accompanying this post were shot over the course of a week as the structural gang hung the first structural steel girders, the edge girders and floor girders, that will support the bridge deck and roadway for the Downtown Span of the Ohio River Bridges Project. I have tried to acknowledge and identify all the people in these images but there are some that I missed. I hope that anyone with information about those I failed to name will kindly add a comment along with the missing names which I can then use to edit the descriptions accompanying the photos.

It was very awe inspiring to watch as the Ironworkers maneuvered the first Edge Girder into place. The Edge Girder weighs 139,000 pounds and is 141 feet in length but these men made it look simple as they lifted it into place and attached it to Tower Five. I went home the first day after the Edge Girder was in place and returned the next day to watch them fly the second Edge Girder and some of the Floor Girders into place.

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