4 thoughts on “Ellen Fisch Photography: The Art of Architectural Photography 12-2-2013

    1. Lauren I’ve come to know Ellen the same way I met you by interacting with her on her blog. Ellen has been very supportive with her comments and her ability to constructively critique my photos.

    1. I hoped it would be OK to reblog your post today Ellen. I admire your work for it’s simplicity of design and the strong technical skills you bring to it. It clearly is a labor of love and it shows in your work.

      I’ve been very busy trying to compile and edit a photo book that covers the initial phases of the Ohio River Bridges Project and the people who are building the foundations of the bridge which is consuming a lot of my time right now. My goal is to have it ready to print on demand by the coming weekend.

      One thing I’ve learned about construction photography is the need to be timely about putting together a record of the various phases of a project. Due to the highly specialized skills that the various trades employ the workers are only part of the team as long as their specific skills are needed after which they will pack up their tools and move on to another job somewhere else. I want to be sure that the books I make will be available for them to see before they move away.

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