Cincinnatti Union Station

CinCinnatti Union Station

I often find myself in the situation of needing to shoot at times of day that are considered by many photographers as unsuitable due to the high contrast and the harshness of the light. I don’t see this as a limitation but more as a challenge to create something powerful under less than optimal conditions. I think that a good photographer is capable of producing memorable work no matter what the lighting conditions are.

Today’s image is a panorama of Union Station in Cincinnatti, Ohio I shot at midday. I stitched together the five handheld images in Photoshop CS5 to create the panorama. I returned the completed image to Aperture 3 to crop and striaghten it. I then took the merged image into NIK HDR Efex Pro where I tone mapped and adjusted the vibrance and saturation before returning it once again to Aperture 3 for final sharpening.

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