Cedric’s Shadow #3

Cedric #3
Cedric’s Shadow #3

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The position of the hook and the man’s shadow on the rust colored sheet pilings really drew my attention. I processed this image with Topaz Clarity and Aperture 3 to enhance the texture and colors while maintaining the warmth of the early morning sunlight on the scene.

8 thoughts on “Cedric’s Shadow #3

  1. Love this shot! Love how the rope gives it a pop of color and draws my eye into all the detail of the photo….really nice shot:}!

  2. Sorry to say I would have to disagree with Karen if the composition is the shadow there should be nothing else in the frame to draw your eye away. The rope then becomes a distraction. To include the ropes maybe a blurred depth of field would be less drawing.

    1. Actually I see the shadow as part of an overall composition which is why I chose to crop it and include the textures and colors of the foreground elements. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Well seen and executed superbly (tones, design, etc…). Very inspiring and the shadow silhouette add a sense of mystery.

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