Cadillac Abstract

Cadillac Abstract

This image is a macro of the glass in a 1931 Cadillac Sedan I saw last year at the NSRA Streetrod Nationals. This particular car was impecable in every way but the owner had chosen not to replace any of the glass in the car. These early cars had a type of safety glass that was made by taking two layers of glass and fusing them together with a clear plastic membrane that was sandwiched between them. Over time the membrane will sometimes start to delaminate and the result is an amber looking pattern usually at the edges of the glass. This car’s glass had done that at the bottom of every piece of glass in the car and the restorer had kept it in the car. I couldn’t resist the abstract patterns and colors and took several photos of it though I’m not sure I took any of the car itself.

I processed this image in Topaz Adjust which allowed me to intensify and enhance the colors in the delamination. Once again I took a subject that I had seen and photographed innumerable times and found a new way to interpret it. Keep your eyes open when you are looking at something you have photographed many times before and you just may stumble onto a gem such as this image.

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