Big Four Bridge

A View From Above The Big Four Bridge
A View From Above

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Yesterday morning I was given the opportunity to ride in the man lift to the top of the Big Four Bridge. Even though I am very scared of heights I jumped at the chance. It wasn’t nearly as frightening as I thought it would be. The guys on the job gave me a safety harness to wear that would keep me from falling off the bridge and away we went. Tim, the guy operating the lift, was very comfortable and his calmness made the trip easy. At first I was content to just be even with the top of the bridge but after a few shots there I asked Tim to lift me higher so I could shoot down on the bridge. We spent 10 minutes or so while I looked for my compositions and shot a few quick studies of the scene from there.

I’m heading back there this morning and I may even get the courage to walk out on the bridge itself. As I write this I wonder if I’ll be able to step out of the basket on the lift or if I’ll have to content myself with shooting from the safety of the lift.

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  1. That’s awesome! I love the bridges. I work downtown and just love the feeling that the river and the bridges give me…a different landscape that I enjoy! Very nice photo!

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