Big Four Bridge Ramp at Sunset

Big Four Bridge Ramp at Sunset
Big Four Bridge Ramp at Sunset

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I wanted to capture the beauty of the November sunset and include the access ramp architecture as well as the pattern of the parking lot. I used a single frame which I processed in NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 and Aperture 3 to create this image.

7 thoughts on “Big Four Bridge Ramp at Sunset

  1. Often when I look at your images I think of the constant cry of some (dare I say narrow-minded) camera club competition judges: “But where’s the subject?” Not that I advocate disregarding the elements of composition, but some successful photos offer a journey through them rather than a focus on one specific point. Here’s a good example. Thanks for always pushing the envelope, Nick.

  2. Thanks Nancy. My response to the question of subject is that often it is the gestalt of the scene and not a particular element that I want to share with the viewer. Too often we become fixated on trying to point out or highlight a particular thing and miss the feeling of being one with the world we see before our lens.

  3. I love this picture! Is there anywhere I could purchase it? Would love to have it made into a larger print and framed. Thanks!

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