Big Four Bridge at Sunset

Big Four Bridge at Sunset

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I’ve been taking a few days off from the blog to focus on my ongoing Big Four Bridge documentation project as the construction nears completion. I’ve been able to photograph the men as they are working and last week I was there as the first section of the final bridge deck was poured. Watching the crew at work is amazing as they go about floating the concrete, then hand finishing the edges and finally applying a broom finish to it. Tomorrow the pouring resumes and I’ll be there with my camera to capture the ballet that goes on as they place the concrete and finish it.

This image was captured last week after thunderstorms had moved through Louisville. I wanted to create an image that showed the Big Four Bridge from the eastern side. It is difficult to get a good vantage point to shoot west and include the Big Four Bridge. I have found that there is a vantage point on a small platform that is just east of the bridge that affords a pretty good view of the bridge.

I processed this image entirely in Aperture 3 without using any plugins or HDR software. I shot an entire bracket set but decided to only use one frame that showed a good histogram that didn’t indicate blown highlights and with just a little blocking up in the shadows. I’m really enjoying working with single frames as opposed to merging several frames in a HDR program as it challenges me to shoot for good exposures that have broad histograms.

9 thoughts on “Big Four Bridge at Sunset

    1. Thank you Blanche, Julie and Neely, I am happy to read your comments. I’ve become enamored with bridges over the past few months. I’m going out today to scout a couple more that one of the bridge engineers on the Big Four Bridge project built along one of the Ohio River tributaries, Floyds Fork.

    1. Thanks Bernie. This bridge project is a blast and has me searching for bridge shots all around me. I see them as functional art and find each one has a character of it’s own.

  1. Always nice to hear from you Phyllis. I too had a huge email backlog that I started sorting through this weekend. I’m very glad that you liked my work enough to comment.

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