Be Back Soon

Caisson at Sunup
Caisson at Sunup

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I’ve had to add another 3TB hard drive  to handle my library again. It arrived on Friday and I was able to start the copying process yesterday afternoon. 1,715,000 photos = 1.73 TB  of data that has to be copied before I can get back to work. Looks like it will be finished in another 7 hours if all goes well.

13 thoughts on “Be Back Soon

  1. Congratulations, I think you’re worse than I am, LOL!!! Hey love your “Caisson At Sunup” … that’s fabulous … I am always intrigued by geometric patterns. Everyone seems to want to b&w them (which I DO like), but I usually prefer color … especially when it’s strong and dramatic!!!

    1. Thanks Lois. Yes the struggle for proper backup and storage is a never ending battle. I have another 1TB drive that I have been using just for 2012 and 2013 in an effort to speed up the processing of images but with a massive project like the Ohio River Bridges Project the need for more storage reared it’s head again. I was backing everything up on my 3TB external drive and doing my editing in the 1TB drive until it reached about 90% of it’s capacity and slowed down to a crawl as it tried to store the large files I wind up creating with HDR and plugins. I’m pretty sure I will need to add a couple more drives before the end of construction. Whoever said storage was free sure didn’t think about how massive a digital library can become.

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