Backing up my library today

I started a complete backup last night of my main external hard drive. With almost 993 gb of images it is taking quite a bit of time. I became nervous that I was playing with fire by relying on a single hard drive to store my library and that I hadn’t done a complete backup in several months. I discovered that I had added almost 300 gb of images since my last backup and realized that I could very easily lose everything I have worked so hard to create.

I started the backup at midnight last night and according to the progress bar it still needs 15 more hours to complete the job. I’ll switch to my laptop for the day but until the backup is finished I may not be able to post anything to SpeedDemon2 today.

I also want to apologize to my readers for not posting new images for the past few days. I have been quite busy shooting the Big Four Bridge project as well as shooting a series of images with a new variable neutral density filter that I will be reviewing soon.

I would also welcome any input from you about how you keep your library updated if you are using Aperture 3 though I may be switching to Lightroom, as my main editor and organizing program instead of Aperture 3, because I’m hearing from many sources that Lightroom is a more robust program for editing and backing up a library. Any insight from you, my readers, would be appreciated. I’ve been using Aperture for many years now through all it’s versions and I’m comfortable with the interface but it may be time to move on to Lightroom. I have Lightroom 3 and if I make this move I’ll go ahead and upgrade to version 4. If you have any tips for me about migrating to Lightroom from Aperture 3 I’d love to hear them.


One thought on “Backing up my library today

  1. I’m a big fan of Lightroom 3. I haven’t used Lightroom 4 yet, but I’ve heard plenty of positives. But I don’t use LR3 for backing up my images. I still do things manually every couple of weeks, backing up both the raw images and my LR3 catalogs to keep my keywording and intermediate edits safe. I then take that hard drive and put it on the shelf until the next scheduled backup. I have a 2nd backup drive that I transport to and from and off-site location and I do a full backup of everything about once every six months…just in case.

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