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Waterfront Park Sprayground  #2
Waterfront Park Sprayground #2

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Yesterday’s post about the Louisville Waterfront Park Sprayground was very popular so I decided to add another shot from that shoot today. Using HDR techniques I was able to expose for the bright sky and clouds as well as the people sitting in the shade watching the kids at play. I especially like how the water fountains were rendered showing the water splashing on the pavement and glistening in the sun.

I shot a three frame bracket set -2, 0 and +2 EV. Even though the kids were running around NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 and it’s anti-ghosting feature kept the ghost artifacts to a minimum. I especially like how the water fountains were rendered showing the water splashing on the pavement and glistening in the sun.

This is another case of shooting during a part of the day that is usually advised against, though by breaking that convention I was able to get a very realistic shot that has a feeling of playfulness and spontaneity that is in keeping with the subject matter. Through use of repetition of shapes and color I was able to come up with a very active composition. While framing the shot I included the blue sky and clouds with the green trees to emphasize the texture in both areas. In the foreground the blue astro turf and the natural grasses and wild flowers serve to reinforce the upper part of the frame. The diagonal sections also contribute to the active space and serve as reinforcement of the kids and fountains as the sprayground recedes into the background in a dynamic diagonal swoosh full of action.

With all the blues and greens that dominate the pallet the brilliant reds that appear throughout the middle of the frame serve as counterpoints and add interest to the cental area of the image. I included the figure in the right foreground to suggest that even outside the frame there is action going on that warrants attention yet she is still connected with all the other folks in the scene.

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  1. Good morning Nick. What would the result have been had you done a single HDR conversion in HDR Efex Pro using your 0 exposure? For another post it might be interesting to see both resulting images. Keep on keeping on, my friend, and a happy holiday to you and yours. Remember, freedom is not free.

    1. Hi Lauren I didn’t try a single frame because I wanted the broader dynamic range that the bracket set gives. I don’t use single frames unless there isn’t another option. When using a single frame to create a faux HDR the dynamic range that was captured is still narrower than with a bracket set. Thanks for suggesting that option though. I wish you and your’s a wonderful Fourth of July too.

    1. Thank you Ellen. I often wish I could be a kid and play there myself but alas those days have passed. If I were to don my swimming trunks and frolic in the water I’m pretty sure I would have the place to myself until the police arrived to escort me away. 😉

  2. Your photography is very cutting edge & with it! In that light you can certainly contend with the best of those who are frolicking! Enjoy the 4th!

  3. The HDR effect gives the photo an almost Norman Rockwell feel to it, very iconic and appropriate for the 4th of July! Thanks for sharing your photo and your technique.

    1. Norman Rockwell! I’m honored that you see that in this image. My parents always had the Saturday Evening Post in the house. I must have been influenced by Rockwell’s everyman ethos that celebrated the common folks that made up our society. Thank you for commenting about the feeling it evoked.

  4. With our dreadful heat-and-humidity wave here in the NE, this image is such a welcome thing to look at! The predominantly blue and green colors really enhance the cooling-off effect. Nick, the bit of tree in the upper left: have you considered cloning it out? One click of the Content Aware tool should do it. BTW, if you’re ever in Atlanta, they have something that’s a similar idea but configured very differently. At least I think it was Atlanta.

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