Antonio Villanueva Placing Concrete

Antonio Villanueva Placing Concrete
Antonio Villanueva Placing Concrete

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This photo of Antonia Villanueva was captured while he was placing concrete this fall in Section 1 of the Ohio River Bridges Project. Antonio is a Carpenter with Walsh Construction and one of his roles is to man the hose from the concrete pump when placing concrete.Placing the concrete with the hose is a very physical job that looks easy to someone who hasn’t tried it. In reality the weight of the material flowing through the hose requires a lot of strength to maneuver it. I processed the image in Adobe Camera Raw from a single frame. I then took it into Photoshop CS5 when I created the border and descriptive title.

I use a local printer, Unique Imaging Concepts. to have these types of images printed on .040″ Aluminum. The process makes a dye-sublimation print that will  last for over 100 years. This makes a very nice way for anyone working on the Ohio River Bridges Project to have a permanent memento of their role in the construction of the Ohio River Bridges Project. I usually try to size the finished print to approximately 11′ X 14″ though that can vary depending upon the way the image is cropped. They come mounted with a hanging system that floats the panel 1/2″ off the wall and sell for $100 each. Any image that I have posted here on the blog can be presented in this fashion.

I have included some examples of these prints that I have made for other people working on the Ohio River Bridges Project in this post too. I strive to create images of these men and women that are more than a simple portrait.My focus with these is to create something that shows the person in the photo in the environment that they work in. The goal is to produce something that will allow them to share with their friends and family a vision of the work they did while building the Ohio River Bridges Project.

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  1. Hi nick it’s me Antonio villanueva I want to know how can I buy my picture that you post of me placing concrete in section 1 that you took this fall if you can email or when you see me at work cause I try to look for it in fine art America

  2. nick its me tony i heard that you were looking for me if you can call me on cell at xxxxxxxx cause i try to fine how to get the picture but i can’t get it so if you can call me or look for me that will be great thank you

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