Air Conditioned Motel
Air Conditioned Motel on US 31 in Southern Indiana

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Sometimes the only thing I need to do is some simple editing in Aperture 3. I chose this composition to capitalize on the linear elements that the power wires imparted to the image. I did add a small black border in Topaz Adjust but there wasn’t much else to do there.

3 thoughts on “Americana

    1. Thanks LBT I was taking a ride up US 31 yesterday on my Harley and spotted this sign in Southern Indiana. I had already passed by the old motel but decided that the light and the subject were worth doubling back to shoot. I’m glad I did too.

      1. Love it! Natural lighting makes such a difference. Less post editing needed when it’s shot in the right light. Cool you doubled back too. 🙂 Cheers! -Catherine

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