A Postcard From Louisville

A Postcard From Louisville
A Postcard From Louisville

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I took this photo this morning from the Big Four Bridge looking southwest into Louisville. After cropping and adjusting the image in Aperture 3 I took it into NIK HDR Efex Pro 2 where I applied one of the Realistic presets, Deep 2. I adjusted the tonality as well as the black and white points before applying the Graduated Neutral Density filters. I dropped the sky approximately 1 stop and opened up the lower part of the image approximately 1/3 stop before adding the vignette to the final image.

8 thoughts on “A Postcard From Louisville

  1. Nice photograph. But become a true photographer and leave the photoshopping alone. As long as you photoshop, you’re just a graphics illustrator. Learn how to set the shot up in the canera.,

    1. Not sure I agree with your premise but thanks for the compliment about the shot. Looks like you have a style of your own and an ethos that fits it. Glad you found my work and added it to your blog roll. Thanks

  2. Thank you Karen, I’m happy that you made it ful screen to view it, I hope everyone who views my images does that too. I think they have more presence when they are viewed at full screen.

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