Big Four Bridge at Sunrise

Big Four Bridge at Sunrise

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This is an image from my first ride up in the man lift to shoot from above the Big Four Bridge. I didn’t know how high I could bring myself to let Tim lift us in the air. Ultimately I have been able to ride the man lift to 135 feet in the air which including the height of the bridge above the river means I can say that I’ve been up to 215 feet total above the river.

For this composition I used the bridge members to divide the image into several triangular sections. I processed this image entirely in Aperture 3 without any plug-ins.

4 thoughts on “Big Four Bridge at Sunrise

  1. The image you have as the header to this page i believe it is on the salt flats in Utah is one of the nicest i have seen of that area. I used to go up to Provo Canyon to fly fish the vistas out there are amazing. your image does it justice.

  2. Thanks Daniel I’m glad you like the image. You are correct about it being on the Bonneville Salt Flats. It was early in the morning just before racing stated at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials. I was working as a starter at the 3 Mile International Start Line and really liked the way the light was coming across the salt flats. It’s actually a panorama from three shots merged in Photoshop and then enhanced in NIK HDR Efex Pro to emphasize the color.

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